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Here are  comments from happy  parents and students:

What Parents say:

"Thank you, Ms Debra.  My daughter was really excited about
her first lesson-she said that she learned more in one lesson than the whole year
of voice lessons at school."  Karen, daughter is pop-piano method/vocal student

"The way they play piano and  sing at family gatherings blows everyone away. 
It's amazing.  Sometimes I can't believe they're my kids!"  Colleen, daughters are piano/vocal/songwriting students

"She looks forward to her lessons with you every week.  I can hear the difference  in how she sounds, and can see a difference in her confidence!  Thank you so much."  Cheri, daughter is vocal student

"I cried when I heard the CD.  I 've been playing  it at work and my co-workers are so impressed!  It's the best gift I've ever
received, a treasure I'll always cherish!"  Therese, daughters are vocal students who recorded a CD as a surprise  birthday gift

What adult students say:

"I signed up for lessons because I want to get out and sing again.    I've learned more about vocal technique with you than I did as a musical theater major in college.  It's great!"  Meredith

"The Skype lessons have been wonderful since my surgery.  I can hear the difference in my tone, my pitch is better, and I finally understand how to get the sound I want.  I have confidence now to sing a solo at church and perform at my family reunion."  Stephanie

"Thanks, Ms Debra.  The  techniques you taught me for singing country, and for learning the chords by ear for piano,  really pulled it together for me.  Unbelievable!  The performance couldn't have gone better.  She cried, and said 'yes' ... now  I have to work on  a song for my wedding day!"  Gary, pop-piano/vocal lessons taken  to prepare a song for a marriage proposal

"Wow, lessons with you are awesome and helped me get a better sound  for my CD.  My producer noticed the improvement on my vocals. I recommend you to everyone." Liz, recording artist-songwriter,  vocal coaching student

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"Private music lessons for children, teens and adults for piano, voice, guitar, wind instruments,
songwriting, vocal and performance coaching for auditions, recording artists, with recording studio and experienced and certified instructors located in
Ambler Montgomery County PA"