by wind and solar! When you come here for lessons you can be sure that we are doing something about reversing climate change. 
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We love clean air and our children do too.
Debra Lee Music School is a CLEAN AIR SCHOOL.  But what does that mean?

Big Picture

At our school we have
Eliminated use of all major fossil fuels / burning including: gasoline, motor oil, household heating oil, methane gas (marketed as natural gas), coal.  Even  nuclear.  That makes us a Zero CO2 Emission school.
The school gets all its electric power from Wind and Solar through Ethical Electric.  You can too, it is an opt-in program available to everyone just sign up though Ethical Electric and you'll see the change on your electric bill.
Why Should We Care?
Burning of fossil fuel is harmful to your health and the health of your children.  The studies are many and conclusive.  Your students will do better on the clean air their bodies were designed for, rather than on air polluted by gas or desel cars, busses, jets or coal fired power plants.   This is one big reason why the school drives a 100% zero emission electric vehicle(s)  So think twice, does your music teacher drive a toxic gas car?
When we pull up any place, school, a traffic light, a parking lot - at church where ever - our car has no gas engine and  does not emit pollution in the faces of those we love and or teach.  We encourage you to lead by example and get rid of your gas car today.  EVs are the same cost as any car in there class to purchase, inexpensive to lease and operate and they charge on the sun or wind right at your home.  No more trips to stinky gas stations.  Everyone hates going there anyway.
Burning gas, methane or coal, is a chemical reaction that produces toxic gases.  You can't breath that stuff it will reduce your quality of life - like it will kill you.  Toxic is bad enough, but the majority of gases coming out the tail pipe also heat up the atmosphere.  They are doing what they are designed to do naturally, except that now over 1 billion cars worldwide are pumping about 38% of the CO2 greenhouse warming  gas into the air.  This is way out of whack - and it is having an effect.   So much so that this summer was the hottest on record worldwide and the 350th plus month of higher than average temperatures. 
If you want to do something great, if your really love your kids, do something about this right now.  We will be happy to share our knowledge with you.  After all you are part of our family.

No Idling Campaign | Healthier Schools.

Earth Day Network’s No Idling Campaign, in partnership with the Clean Air Campaign, Inc., aims to reduce harmful vehicle emissions around children and instill environmental values in the next generation through a targeted focus on reducing vehicle idling at K-12 schools across the country. Entire school communities are motivated to be a part of the solution through action-oriented projects and classroom lessons.

Stop IdlingThe purpose of the No Idling Campaign is to reduce pollution from idling buses and cars that negatively affect a child’s healthy lung growth and development. Earth Day Network has partnered with the Clean Air Campaign, Inc. to take their success in impacting at least 220,000 people in the state of Georgia to a national level. This campaign provides solutions through toolkits for administrators and teachers, and collateral and educational materials for bus drivers and parent drivers.

The need for action is clear: excessive idling unnecessarily exposes vulnerable populations of children and adults to unhealthy plumes of exhaust filled with particle pollution. Airborne particles can cause nasal, throat, respiratory, and eye problems, and are particularly harmful to those with asthma.

Children are more vulnerable to the impacts of vehicle pollution than other populations:

bulletTheir lungs are still in the development phase.
bulletThey breathe, on average, 50 percent more air per pound of body weight than adults.
bulletThey are closer to the ground; therefore, closer to tailpipes.

The World Health Organization found that particle pollution and ground level ozone aggravated asthma in children and contributed to an increased risk of respiratory tract infection as well.

For additional information, please contact

No Idling Campaign Materials and Resources
Download here for FREE!

No Idling District Toolkit – This toolkit contains information and resources for School District administrators to implement a No Idling Campaign in your district.

No Idling School Toolkit – This toolkit contains information and resources for teachers or parents to implement a No Idling Campaign at your school.

No Idling Data Collection Sheet This spreadsheet contains formulas for your calculations, or it may be printed.

No Idling Lesson Plans – These Lesson Plans can be used in the classroom as a supplement to the No Idling program at your school.

bullet Ready, Set, Stop Idling – Grade 1
bullet Make a Good Choice… Choose No Idling – Grade 2
bullet Please Do Not Make Us Cough, Turn Your Engine Off – Grades 3 – 5
bullet Idlers, Please Stop Your Engines – Grades 3 – 5
bullet Asian Brown Cloud – Grades 6 – 8
bullet 6 Major Air Pollutants – accompanying PowerPoint
bullet Brown Skies in Mexico City? – Grades 6 – 8


Getting a No Idling Campaign Started at Your School:

1. Awareness

bulletIntroduce the campaign through school faculty/staff and PTA meetings, school newsletter, emails and fliers. Find information and resources in our District Toolkit and School Toolkit.
bulletIdentify a teacher(s) and/or parent(s) who is willing to become your school’s No Idling Champion.

2. Implementation

bulletNotify parents—include No Idling materials in your back-to-school parent packets.
bulletPublish No Idling details on your school’s website and include in newsletters or emails. See article and email template in our School Toolkit.
bulletCollect No Idling pledge cards (from parents and bus drivers) and post prominently in your school.

3. Data Collection

bulletDetermine a timeline for counting idling or non-idling cars in your school’s carpool line. Begin with a baseline count prior to posting signage. See Data Collection sheet in our School Toolkit.
bulletSchedule a prize patrol. Reward bus drivers and parents who are not idling and remind those who are to turn off their engines.
bulletCount idling and non-idling vehicles during the prize patrols. See Data Collection sheet in our School Toolkit.
bulletSubmit data to Earth Day Network’s No Idling Campaign at


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